Tyler & Kristen

Tyler and Kristen Preston are a dynamic duo deeply rooted in their hometown of Marietta, Ohio. Tyler’s skills as a barber and owner of Mr. Golden Scissors showcase his dedication to his craft and his community. Meanwhile, Kristen’s talent as an interior designer adds a creative flair to their endeavors.

Their connection to Freedom Gate Church runs deep, with Tyler’s nearly decade-long tenure as a youth leader and Kristen’s upbringing as one of Pastor Rodney Lord’s daughters within the church family. Their shared commitment to their faith is evident through their involvement in various church activities, including serving on the worship team, media team, and grow team.

As a couple, Tyler and Kristen exude energy and passion, especially when it comes to nurturing the spiritual growth of youth and fostering healthy relationships within the community. Their multifaceted involvement in church activities underscores their dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of others.