​Dr. Hope Taylor

Hope has served as President of the International Leadership Embassy since its inception in 2004. ILE’s emphasis has been leading weekly prayer teams focused on America, her current challenges and her eternal purposes as ordained by Father. Through zoom meetings, conference calls and some in-person leaders conferences, ILE continues to be a passionate voice mobilizing & educating the church. Since 2004 ILE has identified with and heralded Captain Nathan Hale’s historic final words before being hung by the British in New York City in 1776: “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country!’

Hope is also on the leadership team of The Rebuilders Group. The four sequential cornerstones of The Rebuilders Group are: 1) The Apostolic & Prophetic offices leading the Church 2) The Kingdom of God as the centering point 3) The Church functioning in its governmental role as The Ekkelsia 4) Discipling of all Nations.The greatest current need for ILE is for travel expenses to be paid so he can continue speaking throughout the nation. Covid drastically reduced his travel and honorarium income as travel became more costly. We want to help him GO!